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Originally Posted by RemoGaggi View Post
I recently built a UDS ( and it is awesome. Over the weekend, I used it for the first time experimenting with beef ribs and pork rib tips and it all came out great - better then what I could have done on my Char-griller Akorn.

Additionally, the UDS a lot easier to use than the Akorn. The Akorn is reasonably easy to use, but I always had to use a water pan or heat deflector, which is a hassle sometimes. Also, the Akorn tends to scorch the meat even at low temps because the charcoal is much closer to the meat. The cooking area is also very limited on the Akorn.

So, I'm considering selling the Akorn now. My initial thought is that my UDS can do everything (and more) that my Akorn can do. I don't ever grill at high heat on my Akorn. If I want high-heat, I just use my Weber gasser - much easier and faster. I also have Traeger pellet smoker that I love, so now I'm not sure if I should keep the Akorn.

I'm open to thoughts to help me decide what to do. Thanks.
You have too many toys.

I had a vision where I was given an Akorn by a member of the brethren. I could not see their face or name. And then I see this post.

Coincidence? I think not.

You can PM for pickup details.

Seriously, though, you should keep it. Let's face it, if there was one tool that did everything we need, Home Depot and Lowe's and Snap On Tools would be out of business.

I have a gasser for quick cook jobs, so I can get back to commenting on the forum and picking navel lint.

My UDS is now the workhorse for feeding hungry teens for a week (or less).

If I ever get the Big Baby dialed in, it will be the party cooker.

My old Char-Broiler (griller/smoker aka groker) can still turn out a nice tri-tip or double as a warmer, and the re-purposed ECB is a cold smoker.

Don't lose the Akorn. You'll find something else for it to cook.
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