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Listen to this!!!

QUOTE=themidniteryder;2467332]HD rules vary not only from state to state, but county to county, and even city to city within a county. ( The City and county I grew up in, there is no HD!! Want to build a house or open a raunt? Sketch a general plan of the facility on a scratch pad, show it to the mayor, give him a $10 permit fee and your good to go, no HD or building inspections required, just please do it right!!!) Best bet is to contact the HD in the areas you plan to be selling/cooking. Generally, I think if you are required to have a commercial kitchen, then all cooking has to be done at that kitchen. Your mileage may vary.[/QUOTE]

Also most HD's we've dealt with, (FL,PA,CO) have required an enclosed cooking space/prep area, eg. trailer, no seem um mesh canopy. We have also been required to have the 3 bay sink set up & separate hand washing sink in order to vend to the public, sometimes 3 bus tubs full of water & a cooler of water work , other times the county wants to see a full setup with running water & all dirty dishes must fit into the largest sink.
Its rather costly to sell to the public the correct way, however if you are planning on selling to the public it should be done this way to protect yourself, family & cooking as well as the health of the people you are feeding. I also recommend a general liability insurance plan, usually $250 for a year of coverage... just Cover Your A**.
Like many will mention, contact your local HD and discuss it with them, most of them are very helpful & knowledgable, some more than others (yellow tape).

A call to your local business office would be worth it too, many areas require a business license to sell to the public as you have to collect taxes unless the food is charity or donations.

P.S - In many areas, local restaurants & vendors that follow the rules & have to pay the fees to operate, work together to keep the unlicensed ones off the road. Its harmful to the business operators & it does nothing for street vending relations with the public/local government.
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