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Originally Posted by Q*bert View Post
-Since I'm cooking on an UDS the fat cap was down to provide a heat shield. Should I put a deflector underneath & cook fat up?? Would that help with tenderness??

The tenderness (or lack thereof) is because it wasn't cooked long enough. Adding a deflector or flipping it fat cap up won't change that. Even with a deflector I would cook fat cap down in a UDS.

-So if i understand correctly, get up to @200 & then just test it, test it, test it?

Sort of As mentioned, some briskets are done at 185, some not until 205. Most of the ones I cook seem to fall into the 195 to 205 range, but I start checking at around 190. The one that I did today (14 lb. RD Packer) was probe tender at 195 (I use my Thermapen as my probe, so I knew the temp as a by-product ). It all depends on how much internal fat and connective tissue the brisket has.
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