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Default Mother's Day on the CGA

Inspired by the phantastic phood that Phubar prepares on his GA I decided to fire mine up. Both sons are out of town so it's just me and the missus. I had planned to pack a picnic so we could ride our motos out to the country and enjoy ourselves. Then SWMBO pointed out that the plates on my bike expired in March. Instead I did a dry run and used my CGA to cook our dinner at home. (On the plus side, since I was not on the bike I could enjoy some wine with dinner. ) This is my inaugural cook on this cooker. Truth be told, I had never planned to cook on it in the first place. I had bought it for the wood handles but it has started to grow on me. And it looks like a perfect fit on the tail rack on my bike.

I picked up some New Zealand lamb from Sam's. I also got a rosemary plant - cheaper than fresh rosemary and once planted in the garden, it will keep giving. I also seasoned the lamb with garlic, fresh thyme and S&P with some EVOO. The spuds got EVOO with S&P and the sprouts got some garlic in addition. The onions - which are the first real harvest from this year's garden - got oil and salt.

Time to light up.

Spuds went on first and then the lamb went on the safety zone for a reverse sear. With the spuds partly done the sprouts went on.

Sprouts and spuds done and lamb and onions over the heat. I also threw a briquette size chunk of hickory in for some additional flavor.

It all fits on one plate (to serve.)

And SWMBO is pleased.

I don't do many plated pix but did pause a moment for this one.

Technically not BBQ, but it was good!. I think I hit the limit on the CGA this time. I had to be careful about how I arranged the veggies when I put the meat on the fire otherwise the lid would not close! It was certainly up to the task. I'll be using this again.
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