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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
Watch the BBQ pit boys video on brisket cooked on the kettle. Then practice it and cook it a little hotter. I did this a few times at a friends house with fabulous results. Good luck! Remember with wood, less is more, just a chunk at a time, thin and blue!
I hope this isn't hijacking the thread... If it is I would be happy to start a new one.

I watched the the pit boys video and I noticed that he doesn't wait for the smoke to clean up before he put the meat on. I usually use the 'snake' when doing longer cooks and wait until I see only 'thin blue' smoke to put the meat on... This takes an hour sometimes. I was wondering how long ya'al usually wait when using a kettle (if you wait at all). Does it really matter? I had convinced myself it matters.
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