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Default Mama's Day dinner..

After battling howling winds most of the day, dinner is on! Did ribs, shrimp, and beef tenderloin on the UDS. I read a couple of threads about smoking tenderloin and wanted to try it. Came out very good, a little more done than I would have liked, but after fighting the wind, I was happy everything was finished the same time. I even lost the fire about 1.5 hrs into it, had to relight it.

I put the UDS up against the back of garage and put a tarp over it to try to block the wind.

Rubbed up and ready for the smoker

Ribs and shrimp on the UDS

Asparagus and spuds on the grill

Dinner- Ribs, beef tenderloin, shrimp, asparagus, taters, beets

AND the wife's homemade rhubarb pie for desert!

Awesome day for mom!
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