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Default The Great American Rub Off

So….We had a bbq rub taste test at my house last night. I made 3 racks of St. Louis style ribs, one with my Rub #3, one with Yardbird, and one with McCormick Applewood rub. The ribs were not sauced.

I cut off one rib of each rub for each member of my family. The first taste of each had to be without sauce, then they could sauce it up.

My rub technically tied with Yardbird (my son & I like Yardbird, My wife and daughter liked my rub) but since I am the cook, I’ll give the tie to Yardbird.

Here is what is in my Rub #3
• smoked paprika
• ground black pepper
• chili powder
• garlic powder
• celery salt
• dry mustard
• cumin
• onion powder
• cayenne

My rub has good flavor but has a savory profile (note no sugar) and I use the sauce to get the sweetness (SBR hickory and brown sugar is our favorite)

Yardbird- I’ve seen this comment several times “it just tastes like BBQ” and I couldn’t agree more. It seemed to have a better smokey flavor without being oversmoked.

McCormicks Applewood rub – the taste was ok , not great, but the texture of the rub I think screwed it up. The rub is just powder (think flour or powdered sugar) with dried minced onion. All of the rubs I have seen have more of a granular structure.

So going forward I will be using more and more Yardbird. However, Yardbird lacked the heat that I like. I know many of you mix commercial rubs together or layer one over another to get the flavor your looking for. I would like to get a layer of heat (could just add some cayenne I suppose) do any of you have suggestions for a rib rub that would add some heat? I look forward to exploring more rubs, thanks!
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