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So I started on the lid for the vent holes and making the vent.

Made a pattern with ms paint program on the computer and printed it.

Placed it on the lid to mark the holes. Drilled the pilot holes and then used a step bit to drill the 3/4" holes in the lid.

Picked up a piece of aluminum at Home Depot.

Traced the pattern on the aluminum. I used the ruler to make/trace the tab.

I drilled the vent holes with the step bit before I cut the shape out. Then started to cut the shape out with a Dremel tool.

Vent cut out.

The vent cut out with vent holes and the lid with the vent holes. Not shown, I put the tab in a vise and slowly bent it over to an angle.

Vent mounted on the lid.

Lid handle to come once I decide on something.
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