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I understand the issues ...

1) The power goes out

I live in Houston and have lived with hurricanes my whole life, Ike being the last. When one lives in an area that is prone to nature in this manner, one learns that you can be weeks without power (with Ike, we were without power for 7 weeks). This being the case, I have a generator for backup power. So if I lose power, the gen will fire up and keep things going until the grid comes back up.

Also, I'm not one to be wasteful but if I lose power, it's not the end of the world if I lose what I've got going on the smoker.

2) Where's the smoke ... this is a smoker right?

Simple answer ... what does one use when cold smoking?
Why of course, use a cold smoker. You can build a cold smoker and install or you buy one and install. For me, I'm doing enough building, I'll take the easy path and I'll purchase one. The Smoke Daddy will do the trick!

I'm not sure if I'm violating forum rules, if I have, please forgive me and remove the link, here is the link to Smoke Daddy:

Hope this answer the questions.
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