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Originally Posted by HogFan View Post
So TT will dry out if cooked like a brisket......bummer. Maybe I didn't have a good one but the one I tried before wasn't that great cooked like a steak. I must have misunderstood.......I thought the classic, old school California style TT was cooked low and slow, no? If not, how is it done?

Also, if I smoke to 120F and then reverse sear to 130F, roughly how long does thus take so I can plan a cook for dinner?
Hogfan, Traditional Santa Maria style BBQ cooks the meat over a bed of Live Oak coals. (See Video)


As far how long a reverse sear cook will take will depend on the temperature of your pit / grill / kamado. First I prepare with a little fresh ground sea salt, then fresh ground pepper, then some whiskey steak seasoning and finally some rosemary flakes. I wrapped in stretch wrap and let this rest in the fridge overnight. I then take my kamado up to around 300 and then put on my TT indirect for approx. 40 minutes. (You can do it lower if you want but the IT needs to hit 115) I then open up my vents all the way and try for around 500/550 before I put the TT on the direct side for 5 minutes per side. Here's a link to one of my cooks.

After this I pull and wrap in AF for 15 to 20 minutes and it's ready for slicing. Slicing is tricky, as the grain goes two directions, so I'm linking a video for that as well.

Hope this helps.
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