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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post

I have seen the white butcher paper at Sam's for $17 for an 18" X 500' roll. The 24" is more handy because that is the width of most counter tops, (I use it more for that than anything else) and when you do wrap meats the extra 6" comes in handy because you have fewer seams to leak.. It's also very handy for soaking up grease when resting fried chicken & fish, or french fires or wrapping fatties while they rest, etc.
I agree on the width and regret my purchase of the 18 inch dispenser. Sort of. But I can't find 24 inch as easy. When wrapping Q, even though I have gotten around the issue, on briskets I would use less paper if it were 24 inch. However, there are a MILLION uses for this stuff. My wife hardly ever uses a dish for the kids when we have this at the house. Its like a plate and a placemat, microwave dish cover, wrap hotdogs in the microwave, firew starter...etc. drawing paper too. LOL My peeps at work think its like real "rustic" when I bring a chuck of meat in wrapped in the stuff, which is good to place in the fridge, to the microwave, to eat on and throw away all on one paper.

I forgot to mention, I used that white "Kraft Paper" from school to wrap maybe 80 briskets for a function before. I think it was 38 inches wide... the big roll, right? No discernible difference in quality. Most who are going to object to it will be organics anyway. Would I go out and purposely buy Kraft paper... no... it sort of was given to me with a dispenser before I figured out what it was anyway - so I used it. I especially liked it when I did "paper Mache" briskets. Thats were if your pit can only hold 40 briskets and you need to do 60, you cook the as fast as you can first but up to the stall... you pile the first 40 in your cold spot fat down on water soaked butcher paper on the grate with fat down, followed by a middle layer fat down and a top layer fat up... THEN another water soaked wadded then spread out three layers of butcher paper on top to seal with the edges folded under the bottom layer. Then plop your other 20 briskets for a hot and fast ride to the the stall while the other 40 steam and get their gel on bathed in their spices, fats and collagen. Thinking of that puts me in a better mood.

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