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Originally Posted by "Bone to Bark" BBQ View Post
Stay with the brown.... no white! White paper was bleached at some point. Kraft style paper is not necessarily "butcher" paper, but can be used.
Re: stay away from white paper because it is bleached.

This is ludicrous on two levels. One is... so is flour and worse yet the "cake flour" I insist on using to make my dumplins and you actually EAT it. There is a cleaning process but ALL colors go through it. Chems are used for all the papers WHICH ARE all dyed (cept white)

The second is, and a nutritionist would find this the funny part...while if you were going to make a butcher paper smoothie and drink it then the bleach removal by the liver would be of some concern because it is isolated, for GODS sake, the liver is going to be overworked anyway removing all the nasty crap and fats out of our system from the farking bbq anyway. Have you ever seen the amount of chemicals the liver has to remove from just our normal food? Its alarming what the liver had to remove from smoked food.

Essentially, being concerned about bleached paper adding chemical traces to BBQ is like a cigarette smoker worried about the risk he gets from second hand smoke.

As far as taste... I guess people can keep saying "I can taste the difference between brown and white wrapped BBQ" (which is COMPLETE AND UTTER NOVICE BULL****) because it will never be actually tested on the net. Come to my house and I will give you 36 samples of bbq and you try to tell me what they were wrapped in. If we do - I promise to wrap a slice of brisket in my wife's used panty shield and see if you can taste which on that was out of the 36. What the **** is wrong with people!

The color on Butcher paper is strictly for choice depending on what you are going to wrap in it and give to the customer. Except lined paper which is functional.

To the OP the only thing I would be concerned about is what that paper could have absorbed after all those years that COULD impact flavor and safety.

What the ****!

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