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Originally Posted by basspro05 View Post
Only thing I worry about here is if I am tied up and can not get to them until noon, and they happen to be done at 10:30 or 11...

Wont they be way overdone when I finally get to them?
Pork butts are very forgiving. It will take cooking them for a super long time to dry them out. However the meat will get mushy when it over cooks.

I have had the same time frame as you have had before. What I did was put them on the smoker at 235degrees at midnight. If you cooked the entire time at this temperature you are looking at about 2 hours per pound. Once I woke up and finished with my commitment I turned the temperature up to 325-350degrees till it finished. The pork butts finished between 2-3pm and then I foiled and let them rest in a cooler and pulled them when I needed them.

It is all about time management and knowing the approximate cook times at different temperature ranges to check for doneness.
225-245 approximately 2 hours per pound from start to finish.
250-275 approximately 1.5 hours per pound from start to finish
300-325 approximately 1 hour per pound from start to finish
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