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Originally Posted by rcbaughn View Post
That seems to be the only problem with buying an older Performer with one of the refillable tanks, or any older gas grill I guess. My mom got an older Weber Genesis Redhead in her divorce and I spent days trying to find someone to re-certify or refill the tank as-is. Since she had the old shove-in snap connector on it I ended up having to spend the money on an entirely new twist-on style style setup AND buy the newest style tank.

So be careful if ya go the used route and make sure if it has the little refillable tank that it has a good long while on the certification! Else you'll be hassled for days trying to get her going like I was.
I've been looking for a way to switch it up to use the 1lb disposable tanks like the newer models (since we use those for camping too), but haven't had much luck yet.
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