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When I was learning to cook in a kettle my main resource is Steve Reichland's "How to Grill". Great book with a lot of good ideas, coming from using a gasser through my childhood it helped really teach the tricks of cooking on a kettle. I am sure the Weber how to grill book is full of great advice as well since they re-did it this year (on my buy list this year).

You could want a 3 zone fire (No,Low,Hot) direct grilling one of the best for veg and meat. Or a 2 zone for flare up control (give some room incase of a flare up). How hot do you want the coals? Lighting coals in a kettle is more based on your cook than the quantities. Grilling pork you don't want it as searing hot as with steak.

Cooking thick pork chops I would light a chimney full and wait till 75% is lit then pour over 2/3's of the grill bottom using a minion method variant to extend the medium heat cooking time. 2/3's gives 1/3 indirect heat for holding.

Steak; light the whole chiminey 100% and the chimney is glowing red and pour it in a tall pile on one side of the grill. Make sure the top grate won't hit the coals then wait 2 mins for the grate to heat then throw the steaks on.

1) So as for how much coal I can't provide a good answer.

2) Light it on the charcoal grate in a chimney. Lid open. I don't know what stage of ignition to tell you to pour the coals.

Grill on!
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