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Originally Posted by Yleekyoti View Post
Looking good !! Just fyi , those step bits can be sharpened
Sweet! Thanks for that! I'm sure i'll need that done down the road.

I fired up 12 of the el cheapo briquettes in my chimney and dumped the rest of the bag into the basket. When they chimney was ready, I poured them into the basket, on top of the unlit, and dropped it into the UDS. I don't have a good thermo yet, so I put the Weber grate on and set our oven thermo on it and put on the Weber lid. I watched the temp through the Weber vent holes, and put one cap back on the nipple at about 180. I put the other on at 200, and closed the ball valve about half way at about 225.

I've had it fired up for about an hour now, and I'm keeping track of temps and times. It's cruising along right now at about 260 and I have the two caps on and the ball valve open about 1/2 way - vent on the Weber lid open all the way, as it will stay when I'm cooking. I'll let it go for another half hour and check it again. If I'm within about 10 of that 260, I'll leave it alone and give it another half hour. If it's not, I'll adjust the valve a bit and give it another half hour. If it's good, I'll call the first test good and open up the intakes to get it up to about 400 for seasoning purposes.

Don't know if you can tell or not in this pic, but there is thin blue in my driveway...

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