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Default A note on a Lang smoker capacity.

There have been many threads on the differences and explanations between standard/traditional offsets and reverse flow smokers... and yes do own both types; a Klose BYC and a Lang 84. Each smoker have unique strong points which sets them apart.

If I had to cook for a small/medium party...
The Klose BYC has the advantage over the Lang for having multiple temperature zones simultaneously... capable of utilizing the zones as a strategic cooking. Have cooked chicken, ribs, sausages, and candy bacon at the same time - each food at a particular location/temp zone. However you must watch out and monitor the hottest part - next to the firebox; will dry up and carbonize food if not careful.

If I had to cook a much larger volume...
The Lang 84 has a smaller hot zone (percentage-wise) - but does exist because how the firebox is notched into the cook chamber. However has a much larger and uniform temperature capacity due to the internal R/F baffle... reducing the need for rotating meats for uniform cooking without rotating, shuffling, or juggling.

In the picture below - is the Lang getting fully loaded with 39 pork butts - over 300 lbs.; 24 lower/15 upper. She cooked thru the night @ 275* - without rotating. The top shelf was slightly hotter (heat rises) by 25* and came off 10 hours later. The lower shelf was unloaded 30-45 minutes later.

Both smokers are well made, quality smokers that are competition ready.
It all boils down to additional uses and capacities.

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