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Default First UDS - Completed with Pics!

Thank you to all those who posted on the Mother thread for the UDS. I'm still working my way through it (I'm on page 476). I posted earlier about picking up 2 of new unlined drums for $30. Here are the features of my build.

I made the charcoal basket from expanded metal I got at a metal supply company. The sheet I had was 12" x 48" - they sold me 2 of these sheets for $15 total. I bent it into a circle and secured it with stainless nuts and bolts. I attached it to the grill portion of the cheapo grill and wired it to the grill grate. The grate of the cheapo grill is very thin and probably won't last long. When it's time to upgrade to the Weber grate, I'll just snip the wires and bolt it to the Weber. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably skip the cheapo grill and just go with the Weber grate and pizza pan.

I drilled some holes all the way around in the ash pan for better air circulation

I used 2 thermometers. The one on the left is a 12" Turkey / candy thermometer. The one on the right is 3" long. Both are mounted just below the grate level and I will be able to see the temperature in the middle and also at outer edge. Also, the one on the right glows in the dark.

Here's a pic of the 2 probes extending into the UDS just below the grate. Note that the 12" thermometer is nearly dead center in the UDS.

For the exhaust, I calculated the area of a 2" hole and then drilled seven 1-1/4 inch holes, which is close enough to the area of a 2" hole. I attached a conduit cover to regulate the exhaust if needed. I've read that the exhaust should mostly be wide open, so I'll probably just close it when I'm done cooking to help smother the fire.

I added a nice wire basket I got from IKEA. It was only $2.99 in the kitchen section.

The lid hanger is made by just adding a couple of washers to the bolts from the handles. The handles are from the garage door area at HD. $4.99 for 2.

I used 2 ball valves and sealed up all drillings with hi-temp silicone. I also gave myself the option of using a heat deflector or water pan (not pictured) by having a lower grate. I was thinking about painting it, but I kinda like the silver look. I'm gonna spray PAM inside and out and fire it up this weekend to do a little burn in. I'll continue to season the outside occasionally with PAM and let it turn dark over time.

Here it is completed.

Mak 1, 18",22",26" Weber/Sns, WSM+Gateway Hanger+Hunsaker Vortex Basket, Gasser
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