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Originally Posted by fantomlord View Post
How much water are you starting with? Does the temp maybe increase when you boil off all the water?

My suggestions:

ditch the water in the pan--try using a foiled clay saucer, or just a foiled pan. Temp control is just as good, and clean up is easier.
let your WSM settle in at whatever temp it wants to (mine is typically somewhere in the 250 - 270 range), and adjust your cook times based on that. Your food will be just as good cooking at 275 as it will cooking at 225 - 250

It is my understanding that water instead of a foiled saucer or sand actually helps control the temp BETTER as it will act as a heat stabilizer whereas the saucer or sand will just heat above and beyond the 212 point of water. Clean-up isn't a big deal at all. I've just heard that water works better for temp control.
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