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Originally Posted by wormraper View Post
ok guys, going for my first Pastrami/Fauxstrami... got a couple of corned beef briskets at about 3-4 lbs each... that's about 7 lbs total on the grill.

1. how long should I soak the briskets in water to pull some of the salt out before grilling

2. do I cook for 7 hours (an hour a pound) or do I calculate the smoking time PER individual brisket (say 3-4 hours because that 's the individual poundage).

lastly, I like WET pastrami so should I steam the pastrami AFTER brining to 180-190 degrees or do I just steam the slices for a bit before serving to add some moisture
I only soaked my 9.72 lb. Corned Beef for 7 hours, dumping the water and starting fresh every 1 to 2 hours. It turned out really good. (Of course I also simmered mine for an hour so that took even more of the salt out but reduced my cook time) When I do it again, Iíll do the soaking overnight in the fridge and skip the simmering part so the meat can absorb more smoke in the kamado.

Cook time will be by IT of each piece of meat, not by time.

Here are the details on my Fauxstrami / Pastrami cook.
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