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Found some matches.
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I welded on 3 x 3/4" close nipples. 2 with caps and 1 with a pvc ball valve, HD was out of the brass one . The HD by my house is not so great, they never have stuff in stock.

Anyway, I fitted up the Uniflame lid but that is a no go, my drum is just too big in the mouth. So I was thinking about using the original lid and welding the Uniflame dome to it. That would make for a very nice seal. That is if I can weld it without really fouling it up. I wish I had a bottle of shielding gas...

I could try to reshape the edge but the dome may not have enough extra metal for that. It is more than a 1/4" difference between the size of the drum and the size of the Uniflame dome.

I could also use the method where you add a strip of metal on the inside to make a new lip for the dome to sit on. I just really dont want to have to try to bend the metal or buy it at exorbitant prices at the BIG BOX store.

I am so close to having this done. I just have to decide what to do with the lid. I thought I would ask the opinion of the memebers here.

All I have left to do is figure out the lid, add handles to the grill ring and the fire basket, and strip and paint the darn thing. I also got my Maverick yesterday and my IQ110 is arriving today!! So I need to put in a hole for the probe wires.

All I need is 2 hours and I can have this thing done. So thoughts on the lid? I know someone welded the two together like I am thinking but I wonder if it is just too thin for my skills.

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