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Found some matches.
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Here are some shots of the lid. All nice and smooth after grinding it off. I used a flap disc to clean it up. BTW I am brand spanking new at welding, so no laughing at my poor welds. I am getting better. Flux core is hard to do with thin metal...

The uniflame is all cut up now for donor parts. I got a chinmey included with it. I used the Uniflame charcoal grate for the bottom of my fire basket. I welded 2 12"x24" pieces of expanded metal to it. I was a 1/2" short so I used some scrap to cover the gap.

I used some 3/8" rod for the uprights and legs. I welded the whole basket to an old pizza pan I found behind my ac unit when it got replaced last month. The basket is 15" diameter by 12" tall. I figure that is plenty. I still need to make a handle for it.

I used 3 pieces of 3/8" rod to weld on the cooking grate supports. Nice and sturdy. I had some blow through I had to fix... The cooking grate is mounted about 6.5" from the top and just over 24" from the fire basket grate. I want to add 1 more grate for more capacity.

I cut the top ring off the Uniflame where it is crimped to hold the grill grate. I set the grate in it and will use it as a ring to keep smaller items (like ABT's) form falling off the grate. I plan putting handles on it. I think I am just going to leave it as a separate piece so I can change out grates or opt to not use it when cooking large stuff. The grill grate sits in it nicely.

The Uniflame is donating the lid, hinges, charcoal grate, grill grate, probably wheels, legs for shelf supports, and top ring (it is the top 2" of the bottom, I cut it where it is crimped inward to hold the grill grate.) Lol there might not be much left over after I get done with it .
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