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My simple Pulled Pork.
Start with a minimum 8+ lb Boston Butt; I prefer Bone-In. Slather the Butt with Yellow Mustard and sprinkle heavily with your Rub (This can be done the Morning/Evening before depending on when you plan to start the cook.

I place my Butts into a plastic garbage bag and seal tight, place into the fridge for 12-24 hours. When ready to cook, remove from Fridge and place on counter for about an hour or so before putting into the smoker, (You could inject at this time). Let your smoker stabilize at your cooking temp and the smoke is running light Blue before putting the meat on.

Cook Indirect at 225-240 Fat cap down, after 5-6 hours start spraying quickly with Apple Juice every hour or so until the Butt is at 165. You want to spray quickly to not lose too much heat from the Smoker.
When the Butt gets to 165-170; Place onto Foil with Fat Cap up at this time, spray well with Apple Juice, wrap Butt in double foil, and place back into Smoker, (make sure the Foil seams are on top).

At 165 most Butts will have a Stall at this temp that can last a long time. The foil will help speed this process along and keep the outside tender. Some will say No Spray, No Foil, just a matter of preference. Some people do not foil because they like the Bark, for me that is not the case.
Continue cooking until Butt is at 195-200, or until the Probe goes in like butter. Remove from Smoker and wrap in old towels and place into a dry cooler for 3-5 hours (less time is Okay but it will be better with a nice long rest), (Butt will still be too hot to handle without gloves).

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