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My name is Tyler and I just started to get into BBQn a few weeks ago. My pops gave me an old smoker that he had sitting around and I decided to figure out what this whole thing was all about. I know it's just a little cheapie MeCo smoker, but it was free and it'll get the job done for now.

I'm from St. Louis, MO and I have a tenant from Kansas City, MO who has been teaching me everything he knows about BBQ'n (which is mostly how to drink the beer).

So far, I've only only smoked chicken breasts (test burn to see how the smoker held it's heat). And last weekend I smoked some pork chops for 2 hours (with a few modifications to the MeCo. I took a few pictures of my cook, but I can't figure out how to post the pics (help anyone?). It was raining the entire time during the chops, so that was a fun experience as well.

ANYWHO! Thanks for welcoming me to the Brethren. I've already read a TON of Q Talk and hope to fire up the smoker one of these days for a nice long pulled pork cook.


The MeCo cheapo Smoker

Modding the MeCo to restrict airflow since this smoker is not sealed on the bottom

My makeshift set up for smoking in the rain

The finished chops. Cooked to 145 and nice n juicy.
Learning the ropes of BBQ, built my first UDS and have a few butts under my belt

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