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Default Upgrade suggestions

Here is a list of possible upgrades you might consider for future versions of WGrill.

1. Add a CAT5 port, there are several things this would be useful for. Easy configuration. In my case my smoker is close enough I can run CAT5 to it.
2. Upgrade via flash ROM, or by replacing a chip on the board. If CAT5 was included, it would make flashing the ROM easy.
3. Ability to export the graph data. IGrill does this in either PDF or CSV format.
4. Add email support. So you can get alerts when events happen. IGrill uses the mail app to do this,a program like sendemail would work fine.
5. Preset temperatures. IGrill has this. They use presets for beef, pork, chicken, then use rare, medium, well, etc.
6. Settings for high and low temperature range. IGrill has this.
7. Maybe a hook to hang the wGrill from. IGrill has this.

As far as the WIFI settings,

1. Ability to change from WEP64 to WEP128, or turn it off. This will make it easier to test.
2. Maybe a way to use DHCP with manual IP address setting. OSX has this, and it works fine.
3. Maybe a way to interface this with your Lion controller, something as simple as a short data cable. Then the option in the network settings to switch this on.
4. Upgrade to 802.11n for better range.

I may be able to come up with so more later. As far as the rest, the probes are of much better quality than iGrill, and the case is much better looking.
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