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Kamado cooker of some sort. I like my akorn but if I had had a little more money to play with I would of looked at the big steel keg. I love my akorn more than ANY other grill I have ever grilled on or smoker I have smoked in. Sear steaks and burgers it will do that. Cook a tri-tip at 350 it does that. Smoke a pork shoulder at 225 for 8+ hours it does that too. Control that is nearly as effortless as my indoor electric oven, it comes pretty close. Moist delicious food does it.

If I had 500$ to buy any grill I wanted right now. I would go to my local Lowes and buy another akorn if I had 900$ to spend I would look at a BSK but I would want to touch and caress the BSK before shelling out money.

My $0.02.
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