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Default Thai Seafood, pork grill and noodles (pr0n)

Guay Teow Talay
We are craving rice noodle dishes at the moment, so seems perfect for the Thai TD!
Started with squid, scallops and prawns, some sliced pork and seasonings.
Also needed Bok Choy, fish sauce, soy, garlic and chilies, and a condiment of hot little Thai chilies sliced into a jar of black vinegar a few days earlier!
Squid tubes

Sliced the Bok Choy

Sliced some pork

Oiled and seasoned the scallops , prawns and sqid so it wouldn't stick on the grill.
Grilled high heat for just a minute as it gets added to the stock and simmered for another minute later.

Heated a wok and cooked the fresh rice noodles with garlic and soy sauce and plated it in a platter.
Then cooked the stock and vegetables, added the seafood and pork, which was also grilled BTW, added fresh sliced chili, white pepper and fish sauce and poured it into the platter over the noodles and turned it like a salad, so to speak.

Entry shot

Another angle
And a dish ready to eat!
Hold my dang beer...
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