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Originally Posted by kwas68 View Post
I am always surprised by the number of people who would rather buy rubs and sauces than make their own on a message board dedicated to BBQ. I kinda figured everybody would have their ďsecretĒ blends.

I donít think that there isnít anything magic behind making a good homemade rub. There are plenty of recipes out there that you can start from. Wicked Good BBQ has a good one that I like. I use a modified Chris Lilly recipe on pork butt. Those recipes seemed to have served their inventors well.

I find the fun (and challenge) is in the tinkering. I guess that I would have expected more people to share this same desire/affliction.

So Iíll keep tinkering. It is good to know that there is a market out there. Because who knows, you all might be buying mine someday!
(very unlikely)
I think there are plenty of members on these boards that tinker with their own rubs. I recently started messing with making my own rubs after using commercial rubs for about 9months. This is because now I know what is out there and what I liked about some of the rubs and trying to use some of the different flavor profiles in the rubs I like and make something my own.

However I still do have some Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub and some Plowboy's Yardbird in my pantry whenever I do not have the time to tinker with a rub.
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