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For the reverse flow people out there how much space is between the grate and the reverse flow plate?
My RF plate is 4 1/2" below the bottom grate. I think anywhere from 4" to 6" is standard.
I have been cooking on my RF since last March and love it. Even temps across the grate(15-20 degrees difference at times, less at other times). I still need to add a sacrificial or slave plate in the top of the firebox which should even the temps out even more. The one thing I have noticed with a RF as to previously cooking on a smaller direct flow unit, the smoke flavor is much more subtle. Part of that may also be the fact that my exhaust is at the top of the tank and not at bottom grate level.
J$, you going to have them mount the Pitmaker you already have on the trailer as well? If so, that will be sweet setup.
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