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Originally Posted by Grain Belt View Post
Kingsford is not all things to all cooks. If I was Minion only it would be down on my list. I do a ton of indirect higher heat grilling and smoking on my old green Mastertouch Weber kettle. Tonight I will sear some brats, put them in a foil pan with onions and two beers and then cook indirect in the beer for an hour. The onion will be nice an browned and the brats will be perfect. I will toast to the Kingsford blue for being ideal for performance to price and then consume a Grain Belt Premium beer.
In a few weeks I will go wild on the memorial day sale and stock up on blue for the rest of the year.

I have this strange belief that a lot can be accomplished with a Weber kettle, a bag of Kingsford blue, a nice cut of meat, and some apple wood. 80% of my cooking is that simple but I don't neccessarily see it as simple cooking.
whats so strange about that?

sounds perfectly normal to me.
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