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Not to long ago we had a little get-to-gether for 30-40 highschoolers at the farm. I had a hot pit from doing briskets & butts all day and just wanted to trow some chicken quarters on for a couple hours to round out the menu but when I pulled it out at the appointed time it was still partially frozen. I said what the hay, seasoned it up and me the DA threw it on. WTF There was so much moisture still held in the partially frozen 1/4's it started to "rain" in the pit then instantly hit the hot RF plate and turned into an UGLY steam/smoke that I could not control and could not get the pit back to temp for an hour. What a friggin mess; the 1/4's cooked but had a "black sooty" appearance that wiped off as soon as you touched it and the skin was the consistency of a rubber glove. I was to embarrased to serve it and to cheap to pitch it so it went into a pan and back into the fridge. Couple days later, wiped off all the gunk, stripped of the skin and broke down all the useable meat. Wife used some in an enchilada pie (pretty darn tasty) and the rest went to chicken salad (not bad at all). Lesson learned, gonna make darn sure chicks are fully defrosted and dried out in the future!
HA! This happened to me very recently. partially frozen thighs my dad brought over for a family cookout. After everyone started getting hungry, I was like "screw it, they'll defrost in the smoker," these things were covered with black sooty slime. I didn't quite know the science of what happened but I did assume it was from them being frozen. Still tasted pretty good though after a good wiping. is that gross?
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