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Kingsford gives consistent results for me in helping get an initial coal bed started cause it takes a pretty sizeable coal bed to keep my cooker temp up properly because of the design, which was not an accident and was intentional because I do not have a cold end or hot end in my cooker. It is about 50 degrees hotter right in the center back about 8"x18" where the heat/smoke comes in but the temp on each side of that will be within a 10 degree variance. What I do is start my fire with wood splits and fire up a chiminey full KBB and add to it and let that burn down until I have a sizeable and consistent/efficient coal bed and then throughout the cook, as needed, I add more wood. My beast takes a lot of "fuel" food to keep her running and I learned real quick that I couldn't afford to keep her fed anything other than wood. I would literally go broke trying to keep enough KBB or lump in there to cook with.
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