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Also is DHCP for adhoc mode, or for infrastructure mode?

If its for infrastructure mode how do you find which IP address wgrill is using?

Here is what I have tried.

I switch to infra mode and change the IP address, net mask, gateway, and DNS to match my network.

I use WEP64 on my network and I add the key, I have tried WEP128 and tried your key as well. It also appears the wGrill is set for WEP128, because the key is 13 numbers in length. WEP64 uses 5 to 10.

I have tried changing the SSID to match my network. I have tried it with no SSID.

I tried changing the SSID on my network.

It also appears the DHCP in wGrill is assigning addresses when in infra mode as well, but its not using the address info I added.

When in adhoc mode it may or may not connect to my iPad or my Mac Mini. It has never connect to my wireless access point. The infra mode just doesn't work.

My othe wifi devices connect to my network fine.

Also when it does connect the link light goes out, and it does not assign any DHCP info.
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