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Busy day today. I went to burn out the drum last night, and I was out of propane. Two empty tanks just won't cut it - no matter what kind of weed burner you have. So, I got up bright and early (for me) this morning and hit the gas station to fill up a tank. I had read in the Mother of All UDS Threads that burning a drum on concrete can result in said concrete exploding. I didn't want that happening to me (we're renting,) so with propane secured, and weed burner in hand, I set about burning the bejeebers out of the drum in my gravel driveway. (Sorry there are no pics, but my hands were kind of full.)

Once it was burned to the point of having no oil, grease, schmutz, or intact paint at all on it, I ran it down to the sandblasting shop. I was there a total of 15 minutes, talking to the owner (Shane) while his helper (Jim) blasted the drum inside and out. Jim loaded the drum into our Jeep when he got it done, I paid Shane the $20 he wanted for the job, and I was on my merry way.

I took the drum straight over to my neighbor's house and he tacked the three 3/4" close nipples into the holes I had drilled for them (for which he charged me a 6-pack.) While he was doing that, we discussed the UDS project, and he's really interested in building one for himself. He wants to wait until I have mine done so he can see for himself what all goes into it. (He doesn't have a computer or anything else that goes online, or I'd have brought him here to see what I was talking about.)

With the nipples tacked in, I set it up on my saw horses and shot the inside with Pam, and the outside with Rustoleum high-temp primer. I'm letting the primer cure overnight, then I'll paint the outside tomorrow morning. Then maybe I'll use my Smokey Joe to go ahead and do a seasoning burn on it. We'll see what the weather is doing.

My lessons learned?

1.) With the right amount of concentrated heat, driveway gravel will pop like popcorn.

2.) Don't be afraid to offer a neighbor a 6-pack to do a simple welding job.
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