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Default More pics!

Its a beautiful thing to see an idea develop ...

From this - before the Brethren invaded Dayton...

To a few hours afterwards.

The Brethren... from left to right.
Clark - Harbormaster, Jeff - Divemaster, Bruce - Hogsbreath, Roger - The Pigman,
Bob - BBQ Bandit, Mike -BBQ Bull, Pat - Patrick's BBQ, Steve - BBQ Bubba, and Scott - SBostick.

Flying of the colors...

BBQ Bubba trimming the briskets... (Yes - we did put him to work.)

Filling the Lang 36... 10 butts!

Filling the Lang 84... 39 butts!

Now for the bonus trivia question... guess who showed up?

There was a funny moment - when Jeff's Lang was getting loaded back on the truck. Steve (BBQ Bubba) was walking/pushing the smoker up the ramp... and the weight was flexing the ramp board very much. Instantly out of his mouth...

"These boards are not Bubba proof".... had to be there.
Custom Klose Backyard Chef... of Snot, and a 22.5 WSM

Former smokers;
Lang 84 Deluxe kitchen, Lang 60 Mobile - The Damsel II, Lang 48 Patio - The Damsel, Bubba Keg Grill - RIP, Double Barrel Smoker and a BSKD

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