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Originally Posted by BeaglesBBQ View Post
Yes, I find that being able to adjust my shutter speed, light sensitivity and f-stop are things i can not do without anymore. With a the ablility to adjust all this and being able to interchange your lenses you can get any effect you want.
exp. Large depth of field to short depth of field. Even being able to adjust your ISO helps when shooting in different lighting. It is a learning curve for sure but once you get used to adjusting on the fly you cant go back.

I believe you can use some old analog lenses with the newer digital cameras. I think Nikon lenses work but think you need to have an adapter for canon lenses. you would also most likely have to self meter the light. meaning the light meter in the camera will not work with the old lenses.
Older lenses will mount on newer cameras, but some of the new camera features will not work. Cameras and lenses communicate with each other these days, and if the lens can't understand the camera, features are lost, and in some cases, the camera just won't work with the lens.

I have seen charts on the WWW that list which lenses work on which cameras, and what features you lose, but I don't recall where.

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