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i've talked about it before but the short story is that i have a redhead q220 that i bought new. after a few years i noticed chipping and these black pin holes in the paint. so i called and they sent a new lid. no problem though they didn't communicate with me well with this situation. then i had my sjp warrantied cuz it was still new but had rust. they replaced the bowl and other parts. so far so good. i also rescue webers, mostly sj's and go-anywhere's. i'm willing to pay for those parts but many times they supply them free. no problems there.
looks good so far. then i notice the paint coming off the lower section of my q220.
so i call and ask, yes, ask if that is under warranty. i did not demand it be warrantied. she says she will check. after about 3 minutes or so she comes back on yelling at me that she knows what i'm up to, getting parts to build complete units and that she's going to report me and put me on a list and on and on and on. i tried to talk to her but it was no use. she wouldn't listen to anything. so i hung up. i wrote a note about this to weber and got nothing back.
so now i have a sour taste in my mouth about their service. to be called names and threatened does not sit well with me. anyone doing that to me to my face would get them punched out. i never cheat, i don't have an agenda but to have this gal go off on me was basically the last straw. i will never buy anything new from them ever again. i will not ask for anything from them unless i pay for it. they can shove their warranty. this is why i bring this up everytime someone mentions how good they are.
i used to think so to.
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