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I don't know that camera, but most auto-focus point-and-shoot cameras will make a beep sound, or give you some kind of indication that you are in focus before the shutter clicks. One strong possibility is that you are physically too close to the food for your camera's focus range. You can step back and zoom in, or step back and crop later on the computer. Again, your camera should have some indicator that your subject is in focus. Check your user's manual.

Also, low light will open the aperture all the way, which will reduce your depth-of-field (the range of distance that is in focus). Shoot in more light to increase that in-focus range.

A tripod can help with motion blur, but what I am seeing in your images is lens blur, not motion blur. The pictures are just plain not in focus.


1. Find out how your camera will tell you if you are in focus, and...

2. If needed, back up, and either use the zoom function to crop for composition, or crop later on your computer.

3. Shoot in brighter light, or use the flash.

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