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Default New UDS build finished, seasoned, and the first cook under its belt, (PrOn)

I finally got the charcoal box built for my new UDS and had the opportunity to season it yesterday, figured while I had it hot I may as well throw on a butt and see how she cooks, all I can say is WOW I am impressed, I had my doubts about it but I was able to burn for 11 hours, all but the last 2 or 3 were at or above 260 degrees and as high as 400 (got sidetracked and missed my temp coming up) the rest of the time it was not below 230ish. I was surprised how much temp difference there were between the top and bottom racks. either way here are some pics of my new UDS and some food PrOn.

Butt was done in 4.5 hours! the is before the hour rest.

found two back of boneless country style ribs for $1.50/pack, couldn't leave them so I threw them on and they were done in 1.5 hours.

all in all I am more than impressed with this cooker, I am going to do a turkey while I am at work Friday for my mom's bday and mothers day (she requested the turkey). I know I will learn more about setting is the more I cook with it, seems I am not patient enough to let it make the temp change after an adjustment but I am getting there.
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