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Originally Posted by Haveuseen1? View Post
We go to sams every week, and I can never remember them being out of butts. They always have the 2 packs. Occasionally they run out of packer briskets, but usually they have them within a few days. Last weekend they had about 40 of the 2-pack butts on display, and only one packer brisket ( 16lbs ). If I remember correctly the butts here are the Smithfield bone in butts. The packers are always EXCEL brand.

One more thing our sams always has is chuck roasts. You can usually get 2 nice roasts for about 18.00.
Man I haven't seen chuck roasts for squat either. Really irritates the crap out of me too. I'm going to be harassing these butchers like mad now. Politely of course, but HARASSING ALL THE SAME!

Originally Posted by landarc View Post
I think the butcher is telling Jazzy that he is chunking up and doesn't need more butt
One of my wife's mocking names for me is actually, "No butt." I'm apparently a Hank Hill in my own way. Don't need any weird butt pads though... yet.

So I would actually argue I am in DESPERATE need for butts. Padding, smoking, and sausage making wise. I'm running low on my damn Italian Sausage, and I'm out of breakfast sausage, and I want to make up some ground pork just to have laying around for some cabbage rolls too. It's very disheartening. I got hooked on those two packs, and then they go and yank them off their shelves.
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