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High heat its hard to beat a good reverse seared steak.Low and slow pork butts are very forgiving.

Mine I like to start shutting vents early for low and slow, when about 80 degees or so from my target temp I close em half way, 50 degrees from it close em some more and put the food in, start dialng it in from there.These things are a lot easier to bring to temp then they are to cool back down if you overshoot it.

Biggest mistake I made with mine was making to big of adjustments to fast and not giving the grill time to settle in like I was used to doing with my bigger smokers.When you are close to your target temp and the vents are mostly closed dont touch em untill the temps stabilized, give it ten minutes or so between adjustments, otherwise its very easy to wind up fighting the temp swings for hours if you keep fooling with it.They seal up so well even tiny adjustments can cause 25-30 degree swings in the temp.

Very easy and versatile grill to use once he figures out his vent settings he will be hooked on it

Almost forgot, shut all the vents completely down at the end of the cook and your fire goes out fast, the money saved on being able to reuse the unburned charcoal is a big plus
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