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Default What's the deal with pork butts at Sam's Club?

Okay so I've been a Sam's Club member for a little over two years now. All during this time I've been able to buy pork butts. They were always in stock, great quality for my tastes, and the best price around. They had them right up until just after Christmas of last year, and since then I haven't seen them at all. I shop there at least two times a month, and more often than not every week. What's the deal with this?

We've got a Costco out a ways away, but it's not 'that far' now that I've been shopping at Sprouts out in Katy, it's still a ways from my house, but since I'm heading in that direction anyway, and it's only about another 12 miles or so from Sprouts I'm starting to get mighty tempted to just throw my Sam's Club membership out the window at this point. The other thing is I've always heard Costco only sells boneless butts, but if they at least have the damn things all the time, and at a better price than Fiesta I'd tie the damn things down whenever I'm smoking them.

Do you guys have this same issue with butts at your Sam's? I must admit I haven't bothered to ask the butcher about this, but I'm going to the next time I go. I NEED my butts man. I gotta have them. Use them for a slew of things, and now that I'm making all my own sausages they've become that much more important. I can't even find farking chuck roasts at the two Sam's that are within reasonable driving distance to my house. It's starting to really irritate me.
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