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Originally Posted by JMSetzler View Post
I have a performer with the gas assisted start. I use it just because it's there. I have lit my chimney in a lot of different ways and I don't think the performer starts it any faster than a weber starter cube does. Obviously some here believe that it does and I suppose it could if you left the burner on for a long time. I typically run my starter for 3 minutes or so and then wait 15-20 mins for the coals to get going fully before cooking. I could have saved $50 buy buying the performer model without the assist. I like the convenience of it. "Worth" is subjective...
Good to head you think the assist isn't much faster than cubes since I LOVE using the cubes. Makes me feel better since I don't have the assist function on mine and better about recommending to people to get a Performer without it if they don't mind cubes.
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