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Default OH BABBBBBY taking my uds out for its maiden voyage... PRON!!!!

ok so thanks to everyone who helped me figure out how to make a not so ugly drum smoker.. it is done and up and working and made some great ribs.... thanks to alll.. i see a long summer or smoke ahead of me.. so here it goes....

so i started with 2 racks of pork spares and some famus daves rub

got them out washed em off trimmed it up a lil bit took the membrane off the back

smothered them in the dry rub.. and let them sit for a few mins..

started the chimey with 20 coals- next time it will be 15

this is after the first hour looks like they are coming along great

this was after about an hour and 45 mins.. the heat was staying at like 325 -350 so i changed my times a lil bit

after 2.5 hours they went into the foil

looking pretty good after one swipe of the sauce....

30 mins later brushed a lil more on... i used 1/4 1/2 cup of sauce for both racks.. that was plenty.. i wanted the meat to come through and the sauce to be a back up flavor not the star of the show..

and viola there they are they came out great...

bout 4.5-5 hours cook time abound 325f

famus daves rib rub and some sweet baby rays sweet and spicey sauce
cooked over reg ol kingsford coal.. no wood or nothing... oh and i forgot i mixed a lil sauce in with apple juice a sprayed in a spray bottle every 45 mins or so and srayed them befor i foiled them.... turned out great.. meat didnt slide right off the bone but you could pull it off and chew real easy...

thanks for all the advice that mad this possible... best part was it got dad in law and great grandma over for dinner with the family

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