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Default Wood chunks and temp control

For those of you who cook with chunks, does the temperature of your grill go up when the individual chunks light off?

I am having a hard time controlling my Kamado Joe when trying to maintain 225 degrees, and I think it might be the wood chunks I am using. It seems every 30 minutes or so, the grill wants to get hotter, so I close it down, which seems to stabilize it. About 30 minutes later, however, it does it again. Could this be caused by the wood chunks? The spikes tend to get up to 300 degrees and it is often hard to get it back down.

If it is the wood chunks, do you try to control the temps through the increase or just let it go? I would love to be able to do an overnight cook, but I just don't yet have the confidence that the temps won't get away from me while I sleep.

I don't know if it matters but my technique is to fill the grill often with a mix of left over charcoal and fresh charcoal. I then toss in some wood chips and a few chunks. I then light one starter cube, put my diffuser in place and leave the grill wide open until it gets to about 175 degrees. Hopefully about the same time, the smoke is no longer thick white, either way I open the lid to put my meat in, and then after closing it, set the top and bottom vents to barely open.
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