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Default CL Score!

Like some of us, I browse CL for different grills and such. I was actually looking for a weber kettle that I could buy on the cheap to part out for my UDS build. I happened along a Weber OTG for $15! I am not sure if I will part this one out just yet but I can use the grate and the lid for my UDS whenever I do smoke in it.

Some surface rust on the triangle shelf below.

It's a 2006 OTG!

It has freckles!

Going to clean the kettle up some and get the grate cleaned and seasoned. Going to try to use some paint thinner to get the freckles off. It appears as if the owner did some spray painting close to the kettle and it got all over the lid.

This brings my grill/smoker family up to 2 Weber OTGs, 2 Weber Mini WSM's, and a soon to be UDS.
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