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Originally Posted by pwa View Post
not sure I'd call that a summer supply maybe a month;) but looking good!! O and looking forward to kick your but at tomorrow Talladega crap shoot!

Ohhh yea!!
Them's fightin words there
I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

As far as all that rub and sauce.
I smoked one rack of Baby back ribs today on the old kamado.
Put a light coat of EVOO on the ribs.
Sprinkled with peppered cow.
Wrapped it in plastic food wrap.
Smoked at 220 for 2 hrs.
Sprayed with apple juice and smoked for 1 more hr.
Coated with Tennessee red 2 times in 30 min.
Pulled and sliced.
Wrapped in tinfoil, towel and dropped in cooler while I prepared mashed potatoes and vegetables.
Put everything out on the table.
We ate and they were incredible!
My go to rub for pork ribs has allot of brown sugar in it and to taste how great these were without all the sugar was great! I thought they might be a bit spicy for my wife but she loved them as well.
So I think I'm going to be doing my ribs like this for awhile.
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