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Thanks for the comment! Funny - we just moved back to Oregon from your neck of the woods in November. Spent 15 years down in the Carson City area - most recently Stagecoach (You know - where teeth and shoes are both optional?) We loved the NV desert, but it was time to get home where the families (and the salmon) are.

I'm definitely going to burn it, but it looks like tonight is out of the question. We got a storm front coming in, and the winds have really kicked up. Maybe tomorrow night. As far as blasting it is concerned, I figure for $25, it beats crawling inside it with a wire brush and scrubbing it down any day. And he'll do it while I wait.

I figure those step bits will last me a lifetime. Unless, of course, all the relatives want a UDS after I get this one done and they taste what comes out of it. If (when) I burn these bits up, then I might wind up splurging on the Uni-bits. For this build, though, I couldn't see spending $45 to drill 3 holes.

And yeah - I'm documenting at this build from the standpoint of a guy who has little to no metal working experience. I figure everyone is a beginner at some point, so why not?
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