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Originally Posted by cynfulsmokersbbq View Post
I do something similar for a local bar. We worked hard to cover all of our bases.

I keep all income from the BBQ. It is my baby. I am the top BBQ cook in town, (it's a small town. ) Honestly though, I've built a solid regional reputation that is followed by many of our local and regional BBQ fans. I wouldn't cook for less. HE gets to use my name in his advertising. Much like the bands he hires he gets to use me for a draw to his bar. We will fill the place up, and on a Saturday night that he would normally have a couple dozen pool players and bar sitters, he has a full crowd, buying drinks.
Exactly right. He gets increased liquor sales and you get the BBQ. Asking for your you to give 25% is a winner for him but a loser for you.
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