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Originally Posted by RemoGaggi View Post
I picked up 2 new metal drums with no liner for $30 each. (Posted in another thread).

I also scored some cheap expanded metal to make my baskets. I went to a local steel supply store and picked up two 12" x 48" sheets (enough to 2 baskets) for a total of $15. If you have a steel supply store in your town, see if they have remnants, that's why mine was so cheap. It would have cost me $40 for that amount of metal at HD.
Like you barrels. I also see your from Sac as I am close by. You mention you bought your expanded metal from a steel supply store. I was wondering if that might have been Blue Collar in Sac. I was going to go up there to check for some as well and was wondering if this was where you went.
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